About FHIT Hockey

FHIT Hockey strives to inspire every individual we work with through the sport of hockey. FHIT takes pride in our ability to support hockey players by offering great resources, guidance and programs to help open up the doors of opportunity for greatness.

FHIT Hockey was established in 2005 as a community for hockey players to learn, develop, and advance to the next level in hockey and life. FHIT Hockey provides hockey classes, programs, clinics, seminars, dedicated training facilities, fulltime professional coaches and staff along with the services needed to help the hockey community. All on a flexible schedule.

FHIT (Flexible Hours Institute of Training): We provide professional player development and guidance on a flexible and continuous schedule.


The FHIT philosophy is: The amount of enthusiasm a player has for the game is equal to the effort that the player will put forth toward their own improvement. This is why we partner up and offer services with coaches who believe in creating a fun, motivational and competitive environment on a flexible and continuous schedule for our athletes.

FHIT understands there are many levels of hockey and players who love the game and want to be on the ice. Therefore, we have many different levels and types of training that we offer to individuals, teams, leagues and organizations. We encuourage you to make sure you understand what type of training is best for you or your organization before you choose a program or service.

If you are a dedicated player or team looking for professional development or advancement we have a program or service for you.