The Prospect Exchange 3 Game Review

3 Game Uploads, NHL-Level Analytics, Recruitment Profile $399

MAP IQ Coaching

Are you looking to get professional instruction to improve your game? It’s as easy as uploading your game film to The Prospect Exchange. By adding MAP IQ coaching we will examine your skill level and habit base over a 3-game stretch. The Prospect Exchange uses NHL level game metrics to track player performance and development. These stats, combined with our in depth understanding of game situations, allows us to provide detailed and constructive feedback about your current game and how we can help you improve moving forward.

Benefits of IQ Coaching

Do you feel stuck in a rut? Do you work hard on your skills but rarely see it show up in a game? Most players don’t start taking their skill and game awareness development seriously until it’s too late! Get an edge on your competition by having a MAP IQ Coach dissect your shifts and educate you on ways to improve your game. If you want to play at the pro level, you have to prepare like one!

Select how many 45-minute sessions you would like a MAP IQ Coach to meet with you.


Vast network

Our network reaches thousands of coaches & scouts from North America to Europe and Russia. and includes every level from youth to the NHL. With decades of combined experience, our founders have coached, scouted, and recruited thousands of players at all levels.

Coaching and recruiting expertise

We know what coaches really need, and it's not highlight videos. We designed The Prospect Exchange to satisfy coaches video and information requirements, so players on our platform know they are getting the most effective exposure.

Proprietary video analytics

Our Bench Metrics and Scout Metrics software has been helping coaches and GMs at all levels manage their team's analytics for years. We are experts at utilizing video analytics to provide unparalleled insight that will enhance player and team performance.


Upload your game videos

Use our easy upload link to add game videos to your profile. The Prospect Exchange will review, verify, analyze, and edit them into ready-to-watch shift videos that coaches and recruiters love. Choose which games to include with your profile

Add new games and remove older ones whenever you wish. You decide which games get featured, are visible with your profile, and get included with your performance stats.

View your individual game and season stats

Use The Prospect Exchange analytics to get your up-to-date performance snapshot, including shot attempts, hits, blocks, total ice time, points, and many other stats (by season or game). so you can easily set goals and track your progress.

Share your profile with coaches and recruiters

Identify the right teams, coaches, and recruiters and send them your profile with just a few clicks. They will receive an email and can review your stats and shifts in minutes. There is no easier way to be proactive, promote yourself, and find opportunities to advance your career.

Share your stats, profile, and videos on social media

Let your friends, family, and teammates see how you're doing this season, or show off your latest games. You can quickly share your TPE profile on Facebook and Twitter, with video links and stats highlighting your performance

See which coaches and recruiters visit your profile

The Prospect Exchange gives you the unique ability to see who has viewed your profile, so you know which coaches and recruiters show interest. Use that feedback to learn who to contact, and assess which teams, leagues, and levels are available to you. View the history of who has contacted you and who you have sent your profile links to, so you can stay organized with everything in one place, easily gauge activity, and never miss an inquiry or chance to follow-up.