MAP Hockey IQ

Are you looking to get professional instruction to improve how you think the game? It’s as easy as registering for our MAP IQ Package in partnership with the Prospect Exchange (TPE).

Your personalized TPE dashboard will provide you with advanced game metrics to track player performance and development. Your personal MAP IQ coach will analyze your shift video and work with you in developing areas of improvement as well as utilizing the parts of your game where you excel using the 4 Components of Hockey as a template for success.

What is Hockey IQ?

Hockey IQ is a players ability to make a read, process it, and then execute the appropriate play. The  quicker you can do this with and without the puck, you will be deemed as a player with “high hockey IQ”

What are the 4 Components of Hockey?

Our Director of Hockey IQ, John Becanic, created what is known as the 4 Components

of Hockey.

During the course of play a player should be part of one of the following:

  1. Offense at the puck
  2. Offense away from the puck
  3. Defense at the puck
  4. Defense away from the puck

What are the benefits of developing your Hockey IQ?

  1. Increased confidence
  2. Developing a 200 foot game
  3. More ice time
  4. Quicker game play

Here is what you will receive:

  1. A season long access to the TPE platform including your shift videos and analytics of the games we reviewed.
  2. Your Personal MAP IQ Coach will schedule an initial zoom meeting with you for a minimum of 45 minutes evaluate your video and analytics to provide a game plan for improvement.
  3. Your Personal MAP IQ coach will establish a Connected Coaching APP portal to freely communicate send your videos, example clips, drills and messages to mentor the development of your Hockey IQ for a period of 3 months to a full season based on your choice!

It is that easy and that powerful!

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