The FHIT Hockey Membership was created for individuals who want to compete and challenge themselves in a quality training environment on a more intense but flexible schedule. Memberships are offered in Blaine, Hudson and Plymouth. 

The FHIT Membership program develops hockey players during the 8 months outside of the High School season and mentors, scouts and recruit’s players during their regular season. For 13 years, FHIT has worked tirelessly to offer everything a player needs to develop.

When: Membership spans the entire off-season starting from March (the week after the Boys State HS Tourney) up to Youth Tryouts in October and HS Tryouts in November. We offer over 50-160 hours of ice depending on age.

FHIT Membership Typical Day includes:

  • 1 hour of on-ice skills & position specific training
  • 1 hour of off-ice development
  • 1 hour of off-ice shooting & stick handling clinic

Additional Membership Features include:

  • Player ice and dryland testing – offered every month
  • Nutrition Seminars
  • Competitive league and small area games
  • Personal Video Database/ Unlimited Video storage
  • Academy access