*Must have been a 2nd year Squirt during the 2020-2021 Hockey Season*

Hudson Civic Center, Hudson, WI

FHIT Membership

This program runs similar to a camp in that there is a drop off and pick up time each day. 


  • There will be 3 certified FHIT Professional coaches on the ice at each practice meaning each member receives a max of 8:1 player to coach ratio at every practice.
  • Players are not required to come to every day of the program as it is set up to be flexible and allow parents to pick and choose the days which best fit their schedule.
  • On average, players come three times per week.
  • Each ice session will be divided into three 20-minute segments: 20 skating, 20 position specific drills, and 20 minutes of small area/ competitive games.

Each Futures Membership Day Includes:

  • 1 Hour of on-ice skills training
  • 1 Hour of off-ice speed and strength training
  • 1 Hour of off-ice shooting and stickhandling clinic

Additional FHIT Features Include:

  • Off-Ice Testing
  • Nutrition Webinars
  • Mental Skills Classroom 
  • Competitive small area games
  • FHIT Academy access



FHIT membership runs from June – September 2nd  - 4 days a week of training (Monday - Thursday)

Summer Ice Schedule:

1 hour of ice will be offered 4 days a week Monday - Thursday. Typically players will have 2 morning time slots, 2 afternoon time slots. Thursday is Game Day.

We only accept ​25 players at each level.