Video Analysis Skill to Game Transfer Packages

Training to Game transfer is a term to describe the effect of the FHIT training system. Any player who engages in player development in FHIT is doing so for the express purpose of being able to take what they have learned and either recognize or manipulate the game situation to apply to the new skills.

What skills represent your next level of Performance?

The one thing that prohibits most players from transferring the new skills they are learning during training directly into game situations is both they nor their skill instructor know which skills represent their next level of performance.

The Personal training to game transfer program guides you through our training to game transfer process ensuing your approach to skill development gives you the best chance to achieve transfer.

4 step Process

 1 Game Performance Analysis

start by selecting a 1,3, or 5 Game Analysis. Then, track your game performance habits, skill habits and your game sense.

 2 Success Equation

Your success Equation is an illustration of your next performance level.

3 Skill Sequence Plan

The skill sequence plan is the order in which you need to acquire each defined skill set to position yourself for transfer.

4 On-Ice Training

After steps 1-3 are completed, its time to take your plan on-ice. This will occur either at our weekly clinics, with your local skill instructor, or on your own.



  •  Single game analysis
  •  Success Equation outlines a single skill set
  •  Single Skill set Development Plan




  •  3 Game Analysis
  •  Success Equation outlines 3 skill sets
  •  3 Skill Set Development Plan




  •   5 Game Analysis
  •   Success Equation outlines 5 skill set
  •   Single Skill set Development Plan